Defeating The Acomodador

I would like to inspire people around me and infect them with my optimism. This blog is about everything that makes me happy.

What is The Acomodador?

There comes a point in every path where you just feel stopped, stalled out, or stuck, and can't seem to move past it. This point has a name: "The Acomodador". The name originates from Old Mexico and is quite literally "a situation in one's life that can be identified as the cause from which moment onwards our development has come to a halt." It can be a trauma, a defeat, or a disappointment that has led us to loose our courage in life and our motivation to move forward. The development of our self-awareness can only proceed if we can liberate ourselves from the 'Acomodador' situation.
One must find their own way to Defeat the Acomodador, but no man can do it alone. This blog and my Life Coaching are both dedicated to helping people define and Defeat the Acomodador.

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